Frequently Asked Questions about Delivering in Shop

  • HOW CAN I GET A BUDGET FOR MY DEVICE? On our website you will find repair rates available for your device. If you need more information you can go to our Technical Services or if you prefer, we have our customer service phone number at your disposal.
  • IS IT NECESSARY TO REQUEST A PRIOR APPOINTMENT FOR MY REPAIR? You can go to any of our Technical Services without having to make an appointment. We will assist you in our facilities to verify you what is the budget for the repair, upgrade or improvement of your device.
  • CAN I REQUEST A REPAIR OF A DEVICE IF I DO NOT KNOW THE FAULT? If you do not know what happens to your device, you can go to our facilities and our technicians will make your device diagnosis to issue a customized repair budget for the failure of your device.
  • WHAT WAYS OF PAYMENT DO I HAVE? If you decide to go to our facilities, you can make the payment in cash or with a card. (not available for American Express).

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Collect

  • HOW CAN I OBTAIN A BUDGET FOR MY REPAIR? Through our website you can create your own budget online. However, our technicians will make a diagnosis of your device in our facilities and elabotate a definitive budget. If it matches your own budget, the repair will be immediate, otherwise a new budget will be sent for acceptance.
  • CAN I REQUEST THE COLLECTION OF A DEVICE IF I DO NOT KNOW THE FAULT? If you do not know what is happening to your device, you can select the Budget in Technical Service option. Once received at our facilities, our technicians will carry out their diagnosis to elaborate the repair budget.
  • CAN I INCLUDE VARIOUS DEVICES IN THE SAME BUDGET? No, for each device you must make an independent request, indicating the repairs to be made in it.
  • WHERE CAN YOU COLLECT MY DEVICE? At the address you request (Spain peninsular, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Portugal). Keep in mind, that the device will be returned repaired to that same address.
  • HOW DO THE COLLECTION AND DELIVERY OF MY DEVICE IS PERFORMED? Once the collection is requested through the online form, we will contact you to schedule the pick-up day through the MRW transport company.
  • IS IT NECESSARY TO PACK MY DEVICE FOR COLLECTION? Yes, in order to make the collection you must prepare the packaging of your device. The transport company will pick up the package you have prepared for the shipment.
  • WHAT VALIDITY DOES MY COLLECTION APPLICATION HAVE? Your request for collection will be valid until a third attempt of collection by the transport company.
  • IS THERE ANY INSURANCE IN THE EVENT OF LOSS OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY TRANSPORTATION? You have a maximum coverage of € 550 for your device.
  • DE QUÈ FORMES DE PAGAMENT DISPOSO? Contra-reemborsament a la recepció del dispositiu reparat.
  • WHAT WAYS OF PAYMENT DO I HAVE? Cash on delivery upon receipt of the repaired device.
  • WHAT IS THE ESTIMATED TIME FOR MY REPAIR? Our estimated repair time will depend on the device and the repair, upgrade or improvement that may be necessary. You can check the conditions in our stores or contact us through our customer service phone number. You must take into account the necessary deadlines for the collection and delivery of the device at the address you have provided.
  • WHAT WARRANTY DOES THE REPAIR HAVE? Your repair will be guaranteed for 3 months from the delivery of your device.
  • WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN MY DEVICE? You need to make sure you make a backup of your data. The loss of data may be necessary or derived from the technical intervention itself.
  • WHO CAN BE A DISTRIBUTOR OF IFIXRAPID? Our distributor service is aimed at businesses, mainly selling household appliances, who want to offer their customers the possibility of repairing Apple brand devices. These establishments are responsible for the collection of damaged devices and the repair is done in our Technical Service.

    If you have an establishment of this type and you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us again.