Legal Conditions

TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L.(hereinafter iFixRapid) Conditions of the repair service of consumer electronics products (personal computers, telephones, tablets and others) with collection and delivery at the customer's address. The delivery of the product to the transport company implies the customer acceptance of these conditions.

    Through our website you can make your own preliminary repair budget and arrange the collection of your device to repair, at your own address or address you want. Please notice the delivery address of the repaired product will be the same as the one used for the collection.
  1. Requests for repairs are individual per product. Each product to be repaired will be delivered to the transport company in an individual package with its own collection number.
  2. The area for the collection and delivery of products is exclusively Spain (including the Baleares, Islas Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla) and Portugal (excluding islands).
  3. The validity of the offer ends with the third failed attempt by the transport company to collect the product at the address you have provided.
  4. iFixRapid takes responsibility for the device in case of loss or deterioration during the provision of the transport service with an insurance of up to 550 euros per shipment.
  5. Our technicians, once they receive the product, will issue a diagnose and also the final budget for repair:
    • In case of matching with the previous budget of your request, we will proceed to make the repair immediately.
    • In case it does not match with the previous budget of your request, you will be informed of the new budget you must accept to proceed with the repair. If you refuse to perform the repair, the device will be returned to your address cash on delivery including the cost of the budget in Technical Service and the current Transportation fee from our website on the date of your Zone application.
  6. The final budget will be subject to a supplementary budget , if during the repair process, new faults are detected that could not have been determined during the diagnose due to technical impossibility. This final budget will require a new acceptance from the customer. The non- acceptance of the suplementary budget will not exempt the customer from paying the service performed for the first budget accepted.
  7. The deadline for issuing the final budget is 10 working days from the delivery of the device, by the carrier, at iFixRapid In case of not receiving the final budget within this period, the customer has the right to receive its not repaired product back without charge by writing a request to iFixRapid.
  8. The repair will be carried out in a maximum of 30 working days from the delivery of the transporter, except for causes outside iFixRapid such as manufacturer defective or broken stock, strikes, natural disasters, etc. The customer is entitled to recover its unrepaired product without charge by writing a request to iFixRapid in case the repair is not possible within this period.
  9. The payment method for the repairs is cash on delivery at the time the repaired product is delivered at customer address.
  10. The transport agency will be able to contact you over the telephone number you have provided. The transport agency will also try to comply with the requested schedule whenever it’s possible.
  11. The transport agency makes up to three attempts to deliver the product by shipment if, due to other reasons, it could not be delivered on the vehicle arrival to the provided destination.
  12. On the third attempt of failed delivery, the transport agency will return the product to our facilities remaining in storage. The product is at your disposal in our facilities after making the payment of the amount owed plus the storage costs (according to current fee), being your responsibility to withdraw it. The storage costs will accrue from a month after the start of the deposit. From that moment iFixRapid will proceed to charge for it at the rate of 30 euros per product and day, with a maximum of 3 years. If the customer has not claimed his product within that period, iFixRapid will proceed to its scrapping. In this case, the company will be totally exempted from any claim by the customer.
  13. The non-acceptance of the final budget implies the return of your product including transportation costs. In this case we will proceed in a similar way to the one exposed in the previous sections.
  14. All prices offered include the current VAT.
  15. The repair will be guaranteed for 3 months from delivery of the product, only in case the product is not manipulated or repaired by third parties. The guarantee of the repair totally covers the repair performed (labour and components used) as long as the repair is caused for the same reason and for the same concepts included in the invoice of the previous repair.
    The fault is not covered by the warranty due to the improper use of the product by the customer. In cases when the customer is informed of the existence of a hidden fault, the non-acceptance of the repair, by writing, will mean TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L. will not be responsible for any subsequent damage caused as a result of the hidden faults.
    Validating the Warranty requires the customer to provide the invoice of iFixRapid.
    The warranty does not cover Software reinstallation requirements considered by the company as responsibility of the customer.
  16. iFixRapid does not offer the data recording as a complementary service. Please notice it is your absolute responsibility to periodically maintain your product with an updated back up of your information. The data loss may be required or derived from the technical intervention itself. In no case TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L. will be obliged to warn you or request your permission to proceed with an intervention required for the service although it may mean the loss of your data.
    It is also your responsibility to preserve the preload installation disks of your operating system, drivers and other software that may have been installed, iFixRapid is not responsible for the reinstallation or preload of any kind of software.
  17. In no case, TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L. will be responsible for the payment of any compensation caused by an incident occurred outside its facilities.
  18. Security conditions of the information contained in the client's product.
    - Backup: It is customer's responsibility to have a backup copy of its information prior to the delivery of the product to iFixRapid. The customer assumes that iFixRapid is not responsible for the information in any case, who can format the hard disk if this is required for the diagnose or for solving the fault. If the customer requests iFixRapid to make a backup of their data prior to repair, they will be informed of the costs and the possibility or not of carrying out such backup copy, depending on the state of the product.
    - Software: iFixRapid is not responsible for the software previously installed on the computer in case it is required to format it. If the customer asks us to reinstall the software on its computer, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a copy of that software either on original disks or in a backup previously made by the customer. iFixRapid is not responsible for the backups provided by the customer neither if they fail to comply with the legislation on Intellectual Property in force in Spain, presuming at all times that it is using its "private copy" right, which such legislation grants.
  19. European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L. is responsible for the processing of personal data provided by the customer. The main reason why we collect your personal information is because it is necessary in order to perform service delivery. You must know that, in order to provide our services, it is necessary to disclose your data to third parties, specifically to the manufacturers and / or official services of the brand of your device object of repair. If a courier service intervenes for the collection and / or delivery of the device object of the repair, it will also be necessary to disclose your data to the company in charge of providing this service. By providing us with your personal information, you expressly authorize us to discuss and share your information with said collaborators, insofar as they are directly involved in providing the contracted service. You have the right to exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, limitation, portability or revocation of the consent given to your data, by emailing or by postal mail to TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L. in C / Corazón de María, 5 local, 28002-Madrid (Spain). The acceptance of the information contained in this document implies the acceptance of any of the legal documents to which, on the same, reference is made, specifically to the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy of TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L. published on its website. The realization of the backup or access to the customer's equipment does not imply in any case the processing of personal data that may eventually exist. In any case, serve this contract as a commitment to confidentiality and as a guarantee that iFixRapid has developed all security measures required by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  20. Environmentally friendly
    If you want to keep the replaced parts you have to request it at the time of leaving your product at our SAT, otherwise and following our policy of protection and respect to the environment, the replaced components will be taken to a recycling center.
  21. iFixRapid makes claim forms available to you in accordance with the current legislation.
  22. To facilitate communication with iFixRapid, we put at your disposal the e-mail address: where you can process claims and other matters related to these Legal Conditions.

    However, we inform our customers you will ultimately have to address any claim to our fiscal address by BuroFax.

    Fiscal data:
    Calle Corazón de María, 5 (local)
    28002 Madrid (Madrid)
    C.I.F. B-87479051

    The customer and TESLA MOBILE BALEARES, S.L., expressly waive any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the domicile of iFixRapid for any controversy that could arise from the services provided by iFixRapid or for any other reason derived from the use of the website. .