Repair iPhone 3GS

Repair iPhone 3GS
Select your device repair:

  • Budget in Technical Service

    Select this option if the failure of your Apple product is unclear, or it is not on our repair list.

  • Screen/digitizer

    The screen is broken and/or the touch screen doesn't work

  • LCD

    No picture showing or the picture has broken pixels, lines, stains, etc.

  • Battery

    Short battery life, battety doesn't charge correctly or the device turns off itself.

  • Volume button

    The volume buttons (up/down) don't work and are stuck. The ring/silent switch or lock rotation switch doesn't work or it's stuck.

  • Low speaker

    The call ring tone makes no sound. The music can't be listened to.

  • Top speaker (earpiece)

    No sound during calls.

  • Home button

    The home button is not working and/or it gets stuck.

  • Power button

    The power button (on/off) doesn't work or it gets stuck.

  • Minijack

    There's no sound through earphones or the sound signal is poor and distorted.

  • Microphone

    The microphone doesn't record sound in videos or in voice notes.

  • Dock conector

    The device doesn't charge or the computer don't recognise it.

  • SIM card stuck

    The SIM card is stuck inside the device.

  • Vibration

    It doesn't vibrate or it works intermittent.

Do you want to repair your
iPhone 3GS?

Once you have selected the repair you want to make to your device, you only have to choose one of these options: